1813  Conrad Will collected cattle in southern IL and drove east


c. 1824-1844  Funk drove to Cincinnati, Peoria & Galena; to Chicago in mid 30s; also

                        drove hogs

1825  Wm S Hamilton drove from Springfield to Green Bay, via Chicago


1840s & 50s  Shawnee Trail to IL and other states

1846  Edward Piper drove 1000 from Texas to Ohio


1850s  TX to Ft Gibson, Military Trail to Baxter Springs to Sedalia & St Louis & IL

1850s  thousands trailed from TX & Indian country to IL; crossed at Quincy & 


1853  longhorn herd fattened in IL prairie

1853  Tom C Ponting drove from TX to IL & wintered them; then to NYC

April, 1854  600 from TX to Chicago

1854  George J Squires drove 500 from near Houston to IL crossing at Hannibal

1855  Funk & John Nichols bought 1200 in TX

1855  John T Alexander drove to nearest RR terminal, Logansport, IN

1856  first drive from TX to Chicago

1857  Wm Loving, Oliver's son, drove to IL via Shawnee Trail

1857  Jesse Day & Wm McCutcheon drove to IL; sold at Quincy


1868  40,000 by boat to Cairo and then by rail

1868  law concerning Texas Fever in cattle

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